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Applications of strongRope

strongRope for ropes that can moor the largest ship, heli lift a load, anchor offshore platforms and equip aquaculture ventures. Used for oceanographic and climate research and marine towage, on land they also pull high voltage cables underground and make vehicle recovery strops or cyclonic tie- downs for aircraft and equipment. The ropes are widely used in sailing as well as movie making and special effects.

strongRope Marine and Offshore Industry

Dynice High Strength Ropes - Ropes that can moor or pull the largest ship, anchor an offshore energy platform, equip aquaculture farms or tow a sonar array. These ultra strong but light enough to float ropes are super efficient resulting in increased capability, lower labour costs and reduced fuel use.

Mining Lifting and Infrastructure

strongRope Dux safety loops, shown here on the world's largest mining trucks, similar strops can also be used for vehicle recovery. The ropes are also used for helicopter lifting and pulling cables and have been successful as crane ropes. Their light weight makes them quick and easier to deploy, no recoil, no splintering and non conductivity mean they are very safe to handle.

strongRope Sailing

By sailors, for sailors. strongRope works with Dux riggers producing custom made yacht standing rigging. Light weight, low stretch and super reliable, the ropes can include radio and data wiring and result in rigs 40% stronger and 90% lighter that last longer, much longer.

The beautiful boat pictured has a complete Dux rig fitted over a decade ago,this standing rigging has been used on yachts which have completed several Sydney Hobart races while others have circumnavigated the Pacific or sailed solo to Japan and return, all still going strong.
For a Dux rigger where you sail, contact strongRope.

Movies, Concerts and Special Effects

StrongRope for movie, theatre, commercials and special effects. Trusted to work and easy to work with. Light enough to be handled without extra gear. Because the ropes can be very high strength in small diameters they are ideal for low visual impact use. From suspending public art work or outdoor staging to setting a world water ski record, 145 skiers, one boat, all using Dyneema ropes.

For More Information

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