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strongRope is the Australian distributor of extreme strength Hampidjan Ropes and produce our own range of custom cables. We are also sole agents for custom cables, furling systems, sailing rope and gear.

Dynice 75 and Dynice Dux. These reliable strong ropes are used as a replacement for steel and other heavy materials, not only offshore but also on land in industry and leisure.

strongRope Cables are constructed from high strength fibres and are often custom made to suit a particular application, and are sourced from the worlds’ best producers. These cables can be for end users as diverse as pulling power and data cables through conduits or anchor ropes for offshore gas and oil rigs, tapered end mooring lines, seismic exploration, extreme deep sea recovery, helicopter lift ropes, oceanographic research and standing and running rigging for yachts.

strongRope also stocks other ropes and gear to suit a variety of purposes, for recreational activities such as sailing, watersports and equestrian to off road 4 wheel drive winch ropes and as well as theatre, movie sets and special effects.

strongRope is a privately owned company operated by Mike Strong. to contact me see below:

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Mike Strong

Phone: 0405 406 309

Fax (02) 9544 2535

Email: Strongrope


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